About Us


Our excellent reputation in the international market, experienced team, rich and successful history makes us a class apart from any of our competitors. We believe in exceeding client expectations by acquiring an in-depth understanding of every clientࢵsiness need.


Our teams

Our vibrant design team researches international fashion, forecasts and trends to always stay one step ahead of world fashion. Our production department is comprised of thorough perfectionists who adhere to compliance of international standards in design and implementation. Our goods are manufactured in factories maintaining International standards in terms of hygiene and employee benefits. We endeavour to constantly improve on our Quality Management Systems for greater consistency at all levels. Due to our brand history, we have strong tie-ups with suppliers of raw materials, both locally and abroad. Our purchasing team in India is spread across New Delhi, Kolkata, Jalandhar and Chennai. We are extremely particular about the quality of raw materials used, especially leather.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become Asia୯st elite leather goods manufacturing company. Hence, we have worked hard to find the most exclusive skilled workers across the country and given them state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to give our customers timely delivery of the highest quality of products at best prices. This has helped us face the most challenging of demands in the export business. Over time, we have slowly emerged to be a design hub for the worldയp designers, fashion labels and niche boutique stores.


Environment & Social Responsibility

We are highly aware of our responsibility to our planet and wherever possible we use recycled and eco-friendly materials. We also run a number of REEN鮩tiatives and are actively involved with The Future Hope Charity foundation.